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"The VAULT" Anti-Theft USB charging Backpack

$73.99 $129.99

 Ever had something you love stolen from you, I'm talking out of your bag, while it was on you, right out in public? Talk about feeling helpless! 

Maybe it happened on the elevator, the subway, train, maybe commuting through Times Square, while seated waiting on a flight or even worse while thousands of miles away from home in a country you know nothing about and have no family to turn to. No matter what the situation, I know you told yourself it wont happen again if you can help it. 

Well make sure it doesn't with "THE VAULT" Anti-Theft Backpack. This AMAZINGLY SECURE backpack had a unique HIDDEN ZIPPER DESIGN that makes it virtually impossible to open without the person wearing it knowing. All of its storage features also have hidden designs so you cant know exactly where things are stored unless you saw them placed there. "THE VAULT" has you SECURED!

There are several other GREAT features included in "THE VAULT". It has a USB CHARGING PORT built directly into the bag, just connect your phone to the bag and charge on the Go or store your phone in its own compartment while it charges, it's WATER REPELLENT, so a little rain or spills wont hurt, it's TEAR & SHOCK RESISTANT to be DURABLE while PROTECTING your VALUABLES inside from bumps, slips and falls, the backpack is even ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TO RELIEVE STRESS! That's not even all, but what more needs to be said? Just Check the bullet points...



  • Laptop Interlayer
  • Hidden Slot Pocket for Debit/Credit Cards
  • Elastic Padding with Seismic Compression
  • 180 Degree Luggage Open Design
  • Anti-Theft Hidden Zipper Design
  • USB Charging Port
  • Ergonomically Designed to Relieve Stress
  • Water Repellent
  • Tear Resistant / Shock Resistant
  • Free Shipping



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