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HOT Wooden Led Alarm Clock

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HOT-Led Wooden Alarm Clock
Easily portable digital desktop alarm clock:with a clearly visible display, which shows the date, day of the week, time (either in 12 hr. or 24hr. format) and the temperature (Degrees Celsius/ Fahrenheit).
Multi-functional clock:this electronic desktop clock not only has several display modes, but also comes with three types of alarm, guaranteed to wake you from even the deepest slumber
Adjustable brightness:the LED display has three different brightness settings to make it suitable for any room around the home or even at work.
Dual power supply:this clock can be charged either via a USB cable or powered by
4 AAA batteries (not included).
High-tech acoustic sensor: the clock comes with a built-in sound sensor chip, which means that a quick clap is all you need to turn on the display
Color: Wooden/Black/White
Material: Solid Wood
LED Display Color: White
Power source: Betteries or charging cord
Brightness: 3-level(high,med, low)
Input: DC 5v/500mA
Sound sensor: Available for switch on/off
Dimensions: 15cm x 7cm x 4cm(1.57W x 2.76H x 5.9D)
Net Weight: 6.70OZ
If LED display keeps ON and only powered by batteries, the battery is easy to waste (Works around 3 days). Please use the USB cable replaces the batteries to charge your clock.
Please use the clock in the dry area, due to all wooden housing.
You May Need to Press the Reset Button to Make it Work at the First time.You Can Find the Reset Button inside the Battery Cover!
Package Contents:
1 x Cube alarm clock(no battery included)
1 x USB cord
1 x User's manual

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