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"Endless Love" Rose Bear w/ Bow & Gift Box


Everybody has someone in their life that they love and if they don't, then they're missing out on what life is all about. 

Make sure the one you love knows how much this year! What better way than with the combination of her two favorite things!

Roses and Teddy Bears!

Best of both worlds, so you can't go wrong! Mix this with Diamonds and you'll probably have a wife! LOL

Don't waste time looking around, the perfect gift is right here and she'll love it or your Money Back Guaranteed!

Order Now and Secure Your Notion Of Love!

  • Roses and Teddy Bears all in one, so they get two gifts they like in one
  • This Rose Bear will last forever, so the memory will always be there
  • Various Colors and Options to choose from, one they like is likely to be here
  • Rose Bear comes with a Heart to let them know how much you love them
  • Money Back Guarantee


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