Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

To Cyber Monday or to Black Friday, that is the question...

   Most off us save our money all year to make sure we are able to purchase the electronics & Home/Garden products the big chain retail stores place on sale. Then we head to the clothing stores and attempt to catch whats left of the sales and you'd better pray to God that your size is available! Thing is, we all know that's not even the worst part! Some probably still have nightmares of the early morning rituals of getting up in the middle of the morning, getting the kids ready, getting yourself ready, dealing with traffic, then getting to the store and having to fight for your life to get the products you want! How do you do that when little Jr is running all over the place? You got Mrs. Grumpy Customer that didn't get her coffee about to fight someones child over the last IPhone and then here comes the straw that breaks the camel's back. After dealing with something similar to a war zone, you have to stand for hours in a line that seems to never end and never move! Oh My GODDDDD! The AGONY!

That's exactly why Cyber Monday was created. It's really a no brainer when you actually think about it. You don't have to worry about getting up early , unless the excitement of the countless products that are on sale at the palm  of your hands wont let you stay in bed! Hey, you can even do it from there! You don't have to burn gas driving in traffic across town, back across, then back across again just to get to the stores you like before everything is all picked through. I hate that the entire city has carelessly scavenged through the things I buy.😳😡 You don't have to deal with the attitudes of disgruntle employees mixed with grumpy customers! Everything you want is most likely available and the best part is THERE IS NO NEED TO WAIT IN LINE!!! You can shop peacefully from the comfort of your home or from the palm of your hand wherever you choose to enjoy your time! What can get better than that?

Well, that's where Order It All comes in! Order it All gives you all the great benefits of Cyber Monday along with the early sales of Black Friday because they start their sales early throughout the month of November! It's the best of both worlds! They really have changed the way we shop during Black Friday! They even let you shop directly from their social media pages! How cool is shopping while scrolling your Instagram and Facebook pages?! Hey I know I like to save money and get everybody out the way for holiday gifts. I even knock out a couple birthdays while I'm at it 😅. Don't tell anyone LOL. 

It's basically a hands down, undeniable fact that it is your best option to take advantage of November Deals at Order It All. They kinda have this shopping thing down packed! 

Go to the website or social media pages, become a member, it's FREE and Take Advantage Of The Deals NOW! Shipping is FREE as well! I mean, can it get any better people?!

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